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Some of the main features






Powerful Reports

•  Easy-to-use wide selection of template reports & Dashboards 
•  Unique, fully customised report options 
•  Scheduled reports to selected groups or people

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Sophisticated Alarms

•  Automated monitoring and control for alarm notifications 
•  Detect any discrepancies and alert 
•  E-mail or text message (SMS)

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Complex Analytics

•  Advanced visualization, forecasting, statistical rollups 
•  ISO 50001, Key Performance Indicators 
•  Straightforward Benchmarking
•  CO2 emission, Greenhouse Gases, Power Usage Effectiveness

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Utility Expert

•  Generating bills for tenants (sub-metering) 
•  Accurate consumption analytics 
•  Power Quality management (EN50160, etc.) 
•  Optimizing demand power and provide contract management

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Real-time Data

•  Realtime Visualistaion and Monitoring 
•  Provides users with the current situation in an instant 
•  Allows fast controlling and acting

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Multinational Profile

•  Continuously growing number of languages, easy integration 
•  Change language in reports on-the-go 
•  Change currency in calculations, reports on-the-go

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AVReporter Software Solution

AVReporter Energy Management Software will interpret Data into Savings. Savings of Energy, Money. time and Workforce.




Get data

• As a hardware independent EMS component AVR supports flexible EM system building
• Integrates innovative techniques


• To identify costly inefficiencies and improvement opportunities
• Highlighting estimated cost and ROI


• Set realistic improvement goals, investigating the following areas:
• process control
• infrastructure efficiency
• demand response
• employees’ behaviour


• Execute targets against the gathered data, analytics and energy efficiency expectation level whilst continuously monitoring progress



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Management process cycle



AVReporter, as a scalable and fully modular software can be pieced together to suit the customer’s needs and demands perfectly. The complexity of the solution allows the System Integrators to pick and choose from several modules easily.




Flexible Integration

Provides users to manage different type of system applications all in one surface (ERP, SCADA, BMS, EMS, Production control and supervision systems.

Open architecture supports industry standard protocols and an expansive range of different manufactures devices.




Choose your system

Energy Management System that is fitted to your company. Depending on your company policy choose our cloud or on-premises solution.


Cloud solution
Cloud solution
   Locally installed


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