Real-time Data


AVR Real-time data allows refreshing the data in every 1 second, as the data from the metering device will be displayed on the screen directly without having to go through the database first. This will enable the controlling mechanism to react quickly in case of emergencies, crucial changes or danger.


Highlighted features


  • check2.png  Real-time Visualisation and Monitoring
  • check2.png  Simple template device creation possibilities
  • check2.png  Generate real-time screens by more scheme (accordance with installation places, cost allocation places, etc.) – fast screen creation for lots of meters
  • check2.png  Quickly add user-friendly real-time dashboard creation (lot of graphical objects) designed screen creation – example: switchgear status and measurements for the facility manager
  • check2.png  Same screen real-time and historical information
  • check2.png  Control functions for digital and analog values (user access level management for controls)











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