Flexible Integration


Flexible integration is important when




users wish to implement energy management into existing corporate environment, where other systems are running; AVReporter can be integrated into this environment easily, connecting with all the other systems and providing one surface where all the data, reports, analytics can be viewed or worked with, avoiding using many excel sheets for analytics


users wish to view the end-results straight away or work with even the other systems on AVReporter's surface


No need to change or throw away existing software or system components (brand independent solution, can be networked with other solutions or applications)

Import data from all types of energy consumed by utilities (water, air, gas, electricity, steam), emissions, production or business process data from enterprise system databases (e.g. metering, BAC, ERP, SCADA, BMS, EMS, Production management systems); export data to other enterprise business or automation systems. Open architecture supports industry standard protocols (Modbus TCPIP, Modbus RTU, OPC Server Connection – BACNET, LONBUS, PROFIBUS, etc.) and an expansive range of different manufactures devices (ABB, Siemens, Schneider Electric, ION meters, Phoenix Contact, Circutor, Janitza, Carlo Gavazzi, Socomec, Satec, Elnet, Pilot, Weidmüller, etc.).






Key features of datasource integration



  Imports data from MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, etc./, XML data sources, WEB services, CSV files, FTP data sources, OPC servers, etc.

  •   Exports data to MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, etc./, XML data sources, WEB services, CSV files, FTP data sources, etc.

  •   Supports complex calculations on the source data (SQL commands, VB .NET functions, etc.)

  •   Allows custom functions using Visual Basic .NET script and SQL queries  

  •   Can pre-process source data and store the results in the AVReporter database



AVReporter Component Store (field device drivers)









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