Utility Expert


Utilities are now encouraged or even required to introduce long-term strategies for managing their energy efficiency, targeting, accurate and detailed sub-billing solutions and also climate-related risks and opportunities.


AVReporter has all the features to support the above. The AVR Entrance version is perfectly suitable for the smaller ventures, but AVR Advanced version provides a very robust and highly reliable option for the huge utilities, which can be integrated into existing corporate environment easily.

For example


  • check2  Accurate consumption analytics
  • check2  Energy Cost Invoicing- complies with local authorities or accounting departments.
  • check2  Sub-bill tenants for energy costs (gas, water, electricity, etc.)
  • check2  Reduce peak demand and power factor penalties
  • check2  Optimizing demand power and provide contract management
  • check2  Analyse and isolate the source of power quality problems (EN50160)
  • check2  Energy Performance Certification of Buildings - A policy tool to improve energy efficiency





Cost Allocation and Billing Creation (typical tenant billing example)






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